Chronicles of Mason

Author - Screenwriter - Digital Animator Visual Effects Producer - Director - Producer

Career Overview

Currently, I am writing an episodic graphic Sci-Fi eBook for distribution on Amazon this summer.The story involves the first Earth colony living in a large galaxy cluster among thousands of other advanced species under a Federation form of government. Some of the issues in the plot deal with isolationism, transhumanism and a post-human future. A team of young humans encounter numerous species under siege in outlying galaxies under ungoverned warlordism. The government of the Korova Galaxy Cluster only protects and supports the members of the core galaxies, and the human contingent vows to restore order in the outlying galaxies despite the dangers.   

As an automotive and truck tooling design engineer for Delta Engineering in Detroit, Michigan, I worked with advanced CAD/CAM computer systems to produce design layouts, and 3D models. Further, I produced engineering and tooling forecasts, and critical timing paths for domestic and overseas automotive programs.  

After eight years with Delta Engineering, I successfully transitioned to the role of educator and course developer for middle and high school technology programs. In addition to teaching typical computer courses dedicated to Microsoft Office applications, keyboarding and internet research techniques, I developed and taught courses in CAD, web design, electronics as well and 3D modeling and animation. Advanced technology projects included building and programming autonomous robots and robotics curriculum development at the middle and high school levels.  

During my career, I’ve organized and presented professional development seminars for People Builders International. These seminars promoted the use of proprietary student personal skills assessment tools and education supplementation programs for schools as well as sales assessment tools and training programs for sales organizations. In addition, I’ve owned and operated a CruiseOne franchise, and formally employed as direct sales representative for Rainsoft.  

While employed at City Machine and Tool in Toledo, Ohio, I operated overhead cranes for moving and machining set-up of large automotive and semi-truck cab dies. I also operated fork lifts for moving small dies. My manufacturing experience also includes Styrofoam pattern maker of automotive and semi-truck dies, and small engine materials and parts handler.  

In addition, I have twenty-nine years of soccer coaching experience including middle school, high school, premier club, college, and Olympic Development Program. Head coaching also includes flag football, swimming, wrestling, volleyball and basketball. I have proven myself to be an asset to society, my employers and those whom I’ve had contact. 

Skill Set Overview


Eight years full-time Computer Science teaching experience (K-12th).Two year’s full-time Health & Physical Education teaching experience (Pre-K3-12th). 

Credentials: B.Ed. University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio. Ohio Professional Teaching Certificate (K-12)



Twenty-seven years of experience includes middle school, high school, premier club, and Olympic Development Program. Hold two national coaching licenses. Head coaching includes soccer, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, and basketball. 


Eight years’ experience as Automotive Design Engineer working with advanced CAD/CAM computer systems to produce design layouts, 3D models, and engineering drawings for the automotive tooling industry. 


Digital Media Producer with six years of experience using high performance MAC & IBM workstations, and professional New Media tools. Directed middle school news and announcement program. Software experience includes: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, and Avid Media Composer. 


Six years’ experience using high-end MAC & IBM workstations and leading 3D modeling and animation tools. Software includes: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave 3D, Vue xStream, and Rhino 3D. 


Twelve years’ experience developing school and commercial websites. Software experience includes: Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Flash, and Adobe Photoshop. 


Four years’ experience teaching building and programming multi-sensor robots. Robotics curriculum incorporates science, math, physics, and engineering skills. 


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